Well, it’s that time again for a house project. It seems I always have a project of some sort going, but our last major one was our bedroom renovation three years ago. And since it was three years ago, it’s just enough time to forget how disruptive a house project can be to your daily routine. That project was major though. We had gutted it down to the studs and did an overhaul on it complete with custom shoe shelves for Aya. This project was going to be a simple repainting of the living room and dining room. Well, at least that’s how it started out.

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We’ve got a runner on our hands!

We have an old rusted out chain link fence with no gate across the driveway. So when we’re playing in the backyard, it’s very easy for Ellie to escape to the front yard. She’s usually very good at staying within the boundaries of the backyard, but sometimes all it takes is for us to look away for a few seconds for her to make her Great Escape.

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On Memorial Day weekend, we took hammers and crowbars and tore our bedroom apart down to the studs. We spent the whole summer living on an air mattress in the living room and living out of laundry baskets in the dining room. Over Labor Day weekend we were able to start sleeping on a mattress in the room again, but it still wasn’t complete. And now, finally after four months, we are just about done.

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I mean, my mom came over to help me paint.  And yes, that is pink paint on the roller.  You’re probably wondering why we are painting our bedroom pink.  Well, here’s the story.

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When the air mattress in our living suite sprung a leak, I knew it was time to kick up my effort on this renovation project. I finally got all the sanding done and had my dad come over to help put up trim. I can’t do crown molding by myself. Actually I won’t even attempt it. All of those angles and stuff, it’d just take me too long. Plus, my dad is excellent at crown molding. You just need to fill nail holes when he does it. If I did it, I’d have to use 18 tubes of caulk to hide all of the imperfections. But luckily, my pa came over and helped me out. Now all the nail holes are filled and everything is cleaned and caulked, and finally after two months, I’m ready to prime this thing. Let’s do this!

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