In an attempt to get into the holiday spirit last year, I decided to make zombie gingerbread cookies. Which also led to me developing a few other not-so-typical cookie creations. So this year I was excited to bake again and develop some new holiday friends to accompany last year’s characters. I’ve been trying to bake all week long, but between Ellie’s off sleep schedule and her getting yet another cold, it kept getting put off. And now, finally on Christmas Eve, I’ve finished my holiday baking!

When I was a kid I was obsessed with the Muppet Christmas album with John Denver. Every year I would pretty much have this on non-stop. But in addition to the Muppets, another thing I played often at Christmas time was Count Scary’s Christmas Song! Count Scary was a Detroit disc jockey who hosted horror movies on TV in the 80s. My family and I loved Count Scary and especially his Christmas Song that we had on record. I listened to it so much I have the entire thing memorized and I’m pretty sure I still do. So while I was reminising my childhood this year, I decided to make Count Scary cookies! “OOooh that’s scary!” Aya has no idea who this is and just rolls her eyes at me. But in between eye rolls, she did say, “Those do look pretty cool, can I have one?”

In addition to my standard zombie gingerbread men, and the new Count Scary cookies, I did Holiday Skulls, Christmas Witches, Jolly Godzillas, the ghost of Christmas past and future, and a few Mothmans just for my dad.

So while I almost didn’t get to bake them at all, better late than never. And they actually taste pretty decent too!

Have a Merry Scary Christmas!

Count Scary Cookies

Jolly Godzilla

Christmas Witches

Holiday Skulls

The ghost of Christmas past

The ghost of Christmas Future


Zombie Gingerbread Men


  1. Nicely done! Good work on the details, and what a steady hand you have. How’d you get the black so perfectly black? Premade icing, or a family secret?

    1. Thanks Cori! the detail icing of black, red, and white were purchased. I think they were Betty Crocker Gel icing. The background icing was just a simple recipe I found online.

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