In addition to my family, I love donuts.  I’ve written about my love for donuts before.  I was actually surprised when I went back to look.  I mention donuts a lot on here.  I don’t think I have a problem.  Yet.  But the reason I talk about it today is for a special occasion.  It is National Donut Day!  I’m embarrassed to say I had to be reminded.  For sure, someone like me would know of such an event, right?  I guess I like to think of everyday as Donut Day… well at least once a week.  So in celebration, I got two donuts. (I wanted to make sure other people had a chance to get a donut today.)  One for me, and one for Aya.  But if she’s late coming home from work, she might not get it.  Just sayin’…

Happy National Donut Day!  Go eat em up!

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