Tomato apple soup and turkey sandwiches. This was inspired by watching Ellie “cook” in her play kitchen. She takes the apple and puts it in a pot, and then she pours in a can of tomato soup and stirs it up. At first it seemed gross, but then I figured it was probably a real thing. So I Googled it and sure enough, there were tons of recipes. I’m not big on tomato soup, but this was awesome! The apple added just a hint of sweetness to take an edge off the tomato-ness I usually don’t care for. This would be great with grilled cheese and I will make this again for sure.


Apple Tomato Soup (Tomapple Soup)


2 thoughts on “Tomato Apple Soup

  1. I thought you were joking when you said Ellie inspired you. Lol. What’s next? Some of her other concoctions include chicken noodle soup with watermelon and milk, and stir fried grapes and kiwis. :)))
    This was indeed a DELICIOUS soup. I loved the heartiness of it and coulnd’t put my spoon down! Two thumbs up. 😉

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