I was dying for something dessert like, but we didn’t have anything good in the house.  I was also too lazy and too cheap to go to the store.  I had some ingredients for some sort of cookie or cake recipe, but not all of them.  In addition to flour and the standards I had one egg, and one stick of butter.  I started scouring the internet for cookie recipes that didn’t call for massive amounts of butter or eggs.  I found one that only required five tablespoons of butter, no milk, and no eggs!  Obviously it was a “light” recipe, but who cares, I had all the ingredients.  I was too lazy to leave the house but apparently not too lazy to melt butter and sugar and bake two dozen cookies.  And after all that prepping and baking, I kind of lost my craving.  I only ate one cookie.


Cocoa Fudge Cookies

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