My dad had the opportunity to share his experience of being a grandpa, and my mom shared her trip to Chicago to be on the Oprah show, but she hasn’t had the chance to share her grandma experiences yet. Now she’s able to do just that. Needless to say, I think she looooves being a grandma. I was lucky to have her as my mom, and now Ellie and Chloe are lucky to have her as their grandma.


Grandma!  Ellie shouts as she comes through the door with a big hug and kiss.  It’s music to my ears and pulls at my heartstrings.

Friends and family who had grandchildren told me how wonderful it was to be a grandparent.  “It’s much different and better than being a parent”, they would say.  They were so right!  I LOVE being a grandma.

When Ellie spends time with me, we play, and boy do we play.  We play with play dough, paints, coloring books, puzzles…we sing, dance and ‘all fall down’ (only it’s harder to get back up).  I like that I can let go and be a kid again and not be concerned of how silly I look.  I am a grandma, it’s ok, it’s allowed and I hope, welcomed.

She has a vivid imagination and loves role playing.  She put me and her imaginary friend, Penny, in a ‘high chair’, placed the bibs around our necks and fed us soup, scrambled eggs, and pancakes.  She made the food on the cardboard stove I made her using all the motions of cracking open the eggs, leveling the flour in the measuring cup, pouring milk etc. We had to eat it ‘all gone’.

Another time, we went to the “grocery store” only after she buckled my seat belt in the back seat of the imaginary car, again going through the motions of opening and closing the doors, starting the car, and turning the wheel.  We scooted along the floor to make the car go.  It’s these role playing ‘games’ that make you so aware how children learn by example.  They see and hear everything around them and take it all in.

Having grandchildren makes you stop and smell the roses.  Your eyes are opened again to the wonders of nature.  Although I have always had a great appreciation of the earth and the beauty it offers (I can see beauty in a pile of topsoil when others may only see dirt), seeing it through the inquisitive eyes of a child is more rewarding.  You notice an ant crawling on the sidewalk but with a child you see how it moves, what it’s carrying, eating and the path it takes.  When Ellie and I go for a walk, we continually stop as she says, “What’s this, what’s he doin’?, What’s that sound?” as she picks up twigs, pebbles, leaves and yes, ants.  Everything that I take for granted is new and exciting to her which opens my eyes to new discoveries.

I love sharing my time with Ellie whether it’s a trip to the farm or exploring the backyard, building sand castles or baking banana muffins.  She is an independent (I do it myself) sweetheart.  One day, I went to sit on our backyard swing and it moved and I landed on my bottom.  She came over to me and with great concern on her face, said “Grandma, you all right, you ok?” and gave me a hug and kiss.  There’s that learning by example again.

Grandchildren teach you patience, too. You have to allow extra time to go anywhere or do anything.  From her putting on her shoes to getting in the car and car seat by herself all while observing everything around her, it takes forever. Baths take extra time depending on whether she wants one or not. And of course, you can’t forget waiting for that occasional ‘meltdown’ to subside.  I’m sure glad I don’t experience those too often.

I love when I read her a story before bed then tuck her in with a hug and kiss.  Sometimes she’ll ask me to hold her hand and sing her the ‘baby song’.  The words and melody may not be the same every time but it doesn’t matter.  The love and closeness is always there. And nothing melts my heart faster than when she wraps her arm around my neck and gives me a spontaneous hug and kiss for no reason.  I am putty in her hands.

Now, I am a grandma of two beautiful girls!  Even though I was ecstatic when we got the news of a baby on the way, worries cropped up.  Will there be enough love for two, will I show favoritism, will I develop the same close relationship with Chloe that I have with Ellie? Will I have enough energy for two?   At the time, these concerns seemed real, but they sound silly now.  Just holding and gazing into Chloe’s eyes erased all my fears.  Of course there’s enough love!  How could I have thought otherwise?!

I’m looking forward to tea parties, playing dress up, overnight stays and baking cookies with my girls. To seeing them develop a close sister relationship that my sister and I have. To double the hugs and kisses.

Yep, I love being a grandma and everything that goes with it!!

7 thoughts on “GRANDMA, STEP UP TO THE MIC

  1. Bonnie Lou….I ALWAYS knew you’d be the best grandmother. Those beautiful granddaughters are SO lucky to have you. Just as fortunate as you are to have them.

  2. A wonderful posting! It’s evident in your writing that you have enough love for a world of children! You are so right… view the world through their eyes and you see everything differently again. It’s a wonderful gift they give us. I don’t have children (lost a baby son), but I spent time w/a six year old for half a day recently, and afterwards, I told her Auntie, “I had forgotten where the magic comes from!” She reminded me. What a lovely little reminder. Blessings to you and those you love! xoJulia

  3. Bonnie what a beautiful memory for your grandchildren to look back on. As for seing things in nature you have your Mom in you I can remember taking rides with your Mom & Dad on sunday afternoons , and one comment your Mom made one day was, look at that beautiful black dirt! I didn’t understand it at the time but it has always stuck with me for some reason.
    Luv UUUU

  4. I just found out that I am pregnant with our second yesterday and in the course of one and a half days I have wondered all of those things (will there be enough love for both, are my parents going to still want to spend time with JB now that there will be a baby etc…). My mom is a most excellent grandma, however she asks me for permission for TOO many things. I told her “It is a grandparents prerogative to do what a grandparent wants to do” My son eats pizza in the living room at her house while watching Spongebob with Papa. We don’t do that here – but at Nana’s house she can make her own rules. Also, that cardboard stove is most excellent. My mom made me a play kitchen with cardboard boxes and Snoopy contact paper when I was about Ellie’s age. I miss it 🙂 Kudos Grandma!

    1. Congrats on your second! Our midwife told us “love doesn’t divide, it multiples.” We’ve found that to be true. 🙂
      That’s nice your mom asks you for permission. My mom asks me and I like that she respects my wishes and checks with me. But being a grandma, just like you said, she sure is allowed to break the rules. 🙂

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