Ellie was very eager to do her own sewing project. I’m a pretty beginner sewer myself, so I wanted to pick a first project that was really easy, but something she’d be excited about. The pillowcase ended up being the perfect project! It’s something she can use every night.

She picked the fabric, she cut it out, and she pinned it. We did some guided sewing with my foot on the pedal at first, but eventually she gave it a go by herself. Now she’s ready for a more complex project.

And how cool is it that she’s learning to sew from her dad!


  • 31″ x 36″ piece of fabric
  • thread, scissors, and all that other basic stuff

Step 1) Cut out a 31” by 36” rectangle of fabric and fold in half with right sides together. The folded dimension will be 31” by 18”.

Step 2) Pin along two sides leaving one end open for the pillow. Sew along those edges with 1/2” seams. Your pillowcase will be inside out.

Step 3) Fold the pillow case opening back 3 1/2”, pin and sew to create the cuff. Since we used fleece, I left the edge raw.

Step 4) Turn the pillow right side out and you’re done.

It’s no fancy pillowcase with accent fabrics or anything, but it’s a very simple project for a beginner eager to make something useful.

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