You know those food videos that people share on Facebook or Instragram? The ones from Tasty or Buzzfeed. The ones that have the simple relaxing music that take you step-by-step of a very involved recipe in 30 seconds and make it look super easy. So easy that you share it on social media and think, “this looks super simple, I’m going to post this and make it later!” Only you never make it later. It ends up in the food video graveyard on your Facebook wall. So yes, “those” food videos. Well, I actually made one of those!

The video really does make it look so simple and I wanted to try it for myself to see how easy it actually is.

(I tried to take step-by-step photos of my process, but I was so deep into my process I forgot to take photos until I was halfway through.)

The crepe part of the process was pretty straight forward. I used the non-stick rectangular tamagoyaki pan they used in the video. The non-stick surface and the small size made flipping the crepes pretty easy. I made two batches. One batch I made as the recipe stated, for the second batch I reduced the amount of flour to 25 grams and added 25 grams of matcha powder. I was bringing these for a dinner party and wanted to switch up the variety. So for this part of the video, it went smoothly.

Next, was the filling. Whipping the filling went fairly well, except that adding the gelatin made it a little clumpy. Based on the amount of cream cheese and the very small amount of filling in between the layers, I’m not sure the gelatin was necessary. For the matcha batch, I used just a simple homemade whipping crepe. It spread a little easier, and I liked the flavor better. The cream cheese in the filling I found to be a bit over powering when paired with the light crepes.

I’m really glad I made two of these, because they are tiny! I could have easily eaten this whole thing myself. But if you’re a person with self-control, one piece with some fresh fruit and a coffee would be a nice light, sweet ending to a meal. If you can, two pieces is much more satisfying. But isn’t it always?

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