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Every year our school district has a chili cook-off contest. While some parents were talking about who would enter it got me thinking. Since our school is a Japanese immersion school, what would a fusion chili be? If I were to make a Japanese chili, what would that be? After some deep thinking, I settled on a fusion of classic American chili with Japanese curry. It would have all the main ingredients of chili, but all the spices of Japanese curry.

It’s definitely not your regular chili, and it most definitely isn’t Japanese curry. However, the results were delicious! Maybe I will even enter the contest this year!

I purchased the curry mix at the local Japanese market, but I have seen other grocery stores carry this brand.


  1. Hello, thanks so much for the recipe. I have a question: I see the beef isn’t mentioned after it is set aside. Does this go in during the simmering period or after, when the curry is added?

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