I just learned that dried plums and prunes are the same thing. I never knew! Dried plums sound way cooler than prunes. But anyway, dried plums, green olives, and capers combined together prove to be a flavor explosion. The reviews were divided on this. Aya really liked it, but I still haven’t decided yet. I’m leaning towards, not-so-much, however I’m not sure I made it correctly.

It calls for four chickens and I just used four chicken breasts. And I didn’t use as much brown sugar as suggested, so that may be part of it too. I think it’s worth another whirl to if something went wrong.

I served it over angel hair pasta which I liked, but Aya suggested rice or orzo. We’ll see what happens next time.


Chicken Marbella


One thought on “Chicken Marbella

  1. Prunes=dried plums. That was revolutionary for me too.
    I loved this flavor medley! I personally think it would’ve been better over wild rice or something though.

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