When I picked this slider recipe, I really had something different in my mind. I wasn’t expecting the BBQ sauce thing even though the recipe clearly states and has directions for making a BBQ sauce. I don’t know what I was thinking. However, these were really good pulled pork sandwiches, just not my favorite. The recipe did have you put cole slaw on top which I’ve never done before on a pulled pork, but I really liked.

So far my favorite is a blend. This meat and rub recipe from Cooking Light, and Neely’s sauce from the Food Network.

This was my first attempt at corn soup and I made one changes that I think drastically changed the flavor. I didn’t spend the $18 a pound on king crab and used imitation crab meat. So the flavor of the soup was a little flat and kind of boring. So this is probably worth another try, but my next corn soup endeavor will be a different recipe.


Tequila Lime Pork Sliders

Chilled Fresh Corn Soup w/ King Crab


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