Well, it’s been a year! And a great year it’s been. It’s been a humbling journey and I have so much to be thankful for. With it being Ellie’s one year birthday, I couldn’t just post a photo for Kokomi’s Korner.  So I decided to do a video.  And not only one… but two!  One video is a compilation of all her weekly pictures dancing to Michael Jackson’s P.Y.T. I declared this to be her theme song while she was still in the “belly.” The second video is just a compilation of her photos throughout the year set to a sweet Japanese song called, Itoshi No Ellie (Ellie My Love). It probably borders on being a little too long, but I don’t care! Happy Birthday Sweetie!  I love you!

Ellie shares her birthday with another special baby, Nella Cordelia Hampton.  Her mom Kelle Hampton has a blog as well.  Her mission is to help create a culture that accepts and includes the 400,000 Americans with down syndrome, including her daughter Nella.  I really like her message and hope that Ellie grows up in a world that accepts, embraces, and celebrates everyones uniqueness.  To learn more, click here.

4 thoughts on “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!

  1. love these videos the first one was so fun (great song) the second was so cute and emotional, it shows how much you love her and what a good parent you are

  2. okay,,, way to make a person cry! love love LOVE. those videos couldn’t be more special, sweet & downright incredible!!! thank you so much for sharing. i hope Ellie had the best birthday! xo

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