Haluski, czernina (duck blood soup), a garden salad, and a paczki for dessert.  With it being Noodle Week and Fat Tuesday, this was the perfect dish.  It’s Polish and has noodles.  I don’t know how authentic this haluski recipe is, but my mom made it when I was growing up, and her mom made it.  Even though I don’t remember my grandma making this, I think of her when I eat it.  It’s the weirdest combination of ingredients, but it works.  Egg noodles, potatos, onions, bacon, cottage cheese, and sugar.  Yes, you read that right.  I did not make the duck blood soup, I bought it from the Polonus restaurant.  I like it because it sounds gross.  And you’d think with all that blood it’d be a salty soup.  But it’s sweet with a slight metallic after taste that makes you feel like you just licked a battery.


My mom wasn’t very detailed with this recipe. There was a lot of “a little bit of this,” “approximately,” and “maybe” when she told me the recipe.

Potatoes(3) peeled and cubed
Onion (1) diced
6 strips of bacon
About 8oz. wide egg noodles
Almost 16oz. of cottage cheese
Salt and pepper to taste
Dried parsley

Cook the bacon and set aside. Brown the onion. Cook the potatoes in boiling water. Cook noodles in a separate pot. Once everything is cooked, combine in same pan as the onion. Crumble the bacon on top and mix. Add the cottage cheese while noodles are hot and combine. Serve on plate and sprinkle with sugar. It sounds so gross, but it’s really good.

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