I was hoping to write something special today.  Something reflecting on the whole year and something positive in anticipation of 2011.  But I’ve been sick all week, since Christmas Day.  Every night I go to bed hoping I’ll wake up feeling better the next day, but in actuality I wake up feeling worse than I did the night before.  Aya is still recovering from her cold and Ellie now has a cold, too.  I had big plans to start the New Year fresh, a new beginning with a new attitude and a fresh mind-set.  But when you can’t breathe out of your nose and have a fever that won’t go away, it’s hard to stay positive.

I feel bad for Aya.  She was off of work all week and it was supposed to be a nice week of family time and a nice break for the both of us.  We’d go to the museum as a family, she’d get some alone time to do whatever she wanted to do, and I’d get a break from changing diapers and feeding Ellie.  I got a break alright, but it’s hard to enjoy it when my head is pounding and my nose is so raw and red that I could be mistaken for W.C. Fields.  As for Aya, she hasn’t had a break at all taking care of both Ellie and me while she’s still recovering from being sick herself.  Here it is New Year’s Eve already.  It feels like spring outside, I have a headache, a stuffed up nose, and all I want to do is go to bed.  How lame is that.  And I’m not even hungry!  But tomorrow, for sure, I will wake up feeling better.  I know I will.  I have to.  I’m running out of symptoms to add to the pile.  And I’m not sure I can handle being hunched over the sink doing the NetiPot anymore.  Which, by the way, should have the name changed to the SnottyPot.  I’m not sure if it cleared anything up or just moved stuff around.  I was amazed that even after the amount of “debris” that came out of my nose, I still couldn’t breathe.

Tomorrow will be my fresh start, my positive mind-set.  Ellie is going to spend New Year’s Day with Grandma and Gramps so Aya can get her break, and I can recuperate.  I’m not gonna let a little cold damper the beginning of my New Year.

So, as I raise my mug of tea with honey and lemon, I wish myself, and all of you, a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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