Once upon a time, there was a librarian named Kelly Ray who went to try ice cream with two crazy people at the Twist & Shout.

She decided to try the most dreaded flavor on the menu, licorice. Kelly is the youth librarian at the . She does a great job with all the different youth activities at the library, from story times to reading programs and other special events. My daughter loves going to the toddler story time there, and I think I’ve learned a thing or two there myself. Story times for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers start up next week.


This was really good. It tasted like Kaluha. I put it in the category of being really good, but I probably wouldn’t order it again. However, I think it’d make a great base for a Razzle. Kelly and I gave it 4 spoons, and Aya gave it 4.5 spoons!

Pina Colada

Do you Like pina Coladas?” Actually, I’ve never had one. And after trying this ice cream flavor, I probably won’t like them. It’s that . I thought the pineapple would subdue it, but not so much. It’s too bad coconut has to show up and ruin a perfectly good flavor like pineapple. Which happens to be one of my top three favorite fruit (pineapple, not coconut). I gave this 2 spoons, Kelly gave it 2.5 spoons, and Aya gave it 1.5 spoons. But neither of us are coconut people. I like the song better than the ice cream. “Yes I like pina coladas … and getting caught in the rain.”

Black Licorice

Ugh, the time to try the dreaded licorice flavor had arrived. And the worst kind of licorice, black licorice. This has to be one of the worst flavors in life. I hate this flavor so much it makes me angry if I ever have it. If the devil had a flavor, it would be black licorice. It boggles my mind how anyone could be OK with this flavor. Not only are people OK with it, some people even like it! What!? People love a candy that is pitch black? Black licorice looks like a candyfied version of used motor oil. Then there are candies that try to trick you, like Good N Plentys. Nobody would expect the taste of death from a candy that is pink and white. There is nothing “good” about them and I would not want “plenty” of them. Kelly was so happy though when she announced this was the flavor she was choosing. I guess it was best to get it out of the way now instead of trying it last.

I was very surprised to hear that we were not the first people to order this flavor. I can accept that people like licorice, but to like it enough to want it in ice cream form, I just can’t comprehend this. I was surprised that when served, the ice cream was white. It looked like vanilla. I was expecting it to be a dull grey or shiny black like Satan’s boots. I mean Santa’s boots.

This was awful! My vision blurred and even though it was ice cream, my tongue caught fire and I started sweating. I gave this zero spoons. Kelly said she doesn’t mind black licorice, but it wasn’t the greatest in ice cream form. She gave it 2 plastic spoons. She said the more bites she took, the less the licorice intensity was. I think that’s because it made her taste buds numb. Aya gave it two plastic spoons, saying the ice cream factor softened the blow.

Do you like black licorice?

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