IMG_2492_editWe’vebeen in Japan a week now, and because of illness and the weather, we’ve really only been to the grocery store directly across the street from Aya’s parent’s apartment. But there is one thing we can enjoy without leaving the apartment, and that is PIZZA NIGHT!

My first pizza delivery experience was during our last trip three years ago. It’s definitely not Dominos with pizza toppings like squid, octopus, eggplant, mayonnaise, and smoked salmon. We ordered three larges from Napoli No Kama, which were about the equivalent to three smalls back home.

IMG_2478_editWe weren’t sure how the girls would react to pizza night, because Ellie wouldn’t be getting her usual mushroom and olive pizza. They both seemed really excited though. Chloe kept chanting with a smile, “PIZZA! PIZZA!” (The delivery guy got a kick out of it and said she had “really good pronunciation”). But when Chloe sat down and saw the pizza, she burst into tears and crawled into my lap. Pizza anxiety I guess.

IMG_2482_editWe ordered teriyaki chicken and Hokaido potato, an Italian vegetables and mussels with pesto sauce, and bologna sausage and vegetables with tomato sauce. Ellie loved the chicken and potato pizza and especially loved the crust. My favorite was the pesto sauce and mussels pizza. Aya really liked the chicken and potato. After crying and procrastinating eating the pizza by eating my entire salad, Chloe eventually gave in and ate three pieces. I guess she liked it after all.


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