Joining us this week for our ice cream tasting at the was . Doug is president of the and owner of a computer repair business, Electronic Brain Solutions. He is also involved with the WBA cable TV show In Focus, which airs on Wyandotte Cable channel 15. Check the Wyandotte Cable Access schedule for times. The WBA coordinates the Third Friday events each month and this month is the. So come on down on Friday and check it out. Fifty Amp Fuse will be there!


This was awful and awesome at the same time just like was. (Interesting story about Doug: He hates watermelon now because of a watermelon eating contest gone bad when he was a kid.) Have you ever seen that old cartoon called Grape Ape? Well, this is exactly how this tasted. Imagine any artificially grape-flavored thing ever made and that’s what this was like. Grape jelly, grape cough syrup, grape drink, grape candy, grape Popsicles, etc. So if you like that flavor, you’ll love this! I gave it 4 spoons, Aya and Doug gave it 2 spoons.


This was a big disappointment. I was expecting the taste of a custard donut filling, but it didn’t taste like much of anything. It didn’t taste bad. I just couldn’t think of anything it tasted like. I felt blank. Aya loved it and gave it 5 spoons. Doug and I gave it 3 spoons.


With the fall-like weather we’ve been having, this was an appropriate flavor to try this week. I love pumpkin-flavored things. Pancakes, muffins, donuts, pudding, creme brulee, ravioli and PIE. And when it comes to sweets, anything pumpkin flavored is usually pumpkin pie flavor. This flavor kept to its word. Pumpkiny, spicy and ice creamy.  It’s a good combination. Doug and I gave it 5 spoons, and Aya gave it 4. I highly recommend you grab a pumpkin cone (or a cup) to enjoy as we enter fall.

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