I’ve read that women have crazy dreams during pregnancy. They are experiencing so many hormonal changes, mixed emotions, fear, all kinds of things, so it makes sense that women would dream crazy things. This didn’t really happen to Aya when she was pregnant with Ellie. Me on the other hand, I had all kinds of weird things in my dreams. I read that it’s normal for expecting fathers to have dreams too. But I also read that they usually tend to be more intense sexual dreams (I guess that really is all guys think about). However, this was not the case for me. My dreams were anything but.

When I dream, I normally dream about weird things like flying vampire pigs and such (yes, you read that right). But I noticed that once Aya became pregnant, my dreams escalated into another level of strangeness. It started when we were expecting Ellie, and now it continues with this pregnancy. I don’t remember them all, but there are a few that stand out and have stuck with me. This first one was when Aya was pregnant with Ellie.


I was in a room that over looked a winter landscape. A black bird landed outside that turned into a man wearing a long black trench coat. All of a sudden, that same man appeared inside the room I was sitting in. Without speaking he explained to me that he was there to protect me. Protect me from evil.

I noticed that this guy looked familiar and I actually knew who he was. This man was Steve Winwood! Some of you are probably thinking, “Really? Him?” And others are most likely thinking, “Who is that!?”

For those that don’t know, Steve Winwood has had a long career in music starting in the 1960s. He was a key member in the Spencer Davis Group, Traffic, and Blind Faith. But also had a very popular solo career in the 1980s with hits like Back in the High Life Again and Roll With It. Anyway, Steve looked at me and said, “I’m your guardian angel.”

Steve Winwood is my guardian angel!? But he’s not even dead yet!? Can you have a guardian angel that’s still alive? But before I could grasp that, he started battling the Devil for me. And I mean the Devil, complete with red horns and all. They weren’t fighting, they were jamming on their instruments, kind of like the Devil Went Down to Georgia type of thing. But they were playing at the same time instead of trading solos.

The Devil was rocking on the guitar, and Steve was on the organ. Yes, the organ. The first song was Dear Mr. Fantasy by Traffic. It was like a rock concert! Strobe lights, amps, microphones, the whole deal. Good vs. evil going to head to head fright in front of me rock star style. Pyrotechnics, lightning, and some powerhouse rocking. I didn’t know how to react, and didn’t realize I was in such danger for my guardian angel to intervene.

The battle ended with Steve pummeling the Devil with his intense organ playing on Roll With It. I just sat off to the side watching in disbelief and aw. “Steve Winwood can really throw down.” The Devil did get in some sweet riffs, but it was no match for Steve’s organ jamming.

Steve fought the devil for me and won. I can’t deny that every time I hear a Steve Winwood song now, I smile, turn it up, and feel safe. He is my guardian angel after all.


  1. Wow can I have what you ate before bed? My pregnancy dreams were always nightmares. I wish I had Steve Winwood in mine lol

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