With six flavors remaining to choose from, it probably wasn’t very thrilling to be one of the remaining guests for our taste-test adventure at .

But Wyandotte Board of Education member Stephanie Miello confidently chose Crème De Menthe. Stephanie was sworn in as a new member of the school board in July. It seems the school year is off to great start with

Of the six remaining flavors, there were three stinkers in the mix, in my opinion. I wanted to end our taste test next week on a good note, so I was hoping we’d try the three suspected stinkers for this trip. But it all depended on what Stephanie chose. When she chose the Crème De Menthe, it was decided. We would try the three dreaded flavors–Crème de menthe, peppermint and coconut. I’ve never been so unexcited to try ice cream before. But this was our job, and we must complete the mission.


I was expecting peppermint to be like mint chocolate chip, but without the chocolate chips. I don’t hate it, but I’m not really a fan. I was assuming it would be green, but I was very surprised when it was served up red. Not a diluted pink red, it was red and it looked like it was going to burn my mouth. I didn’t think I could taste something else . But I was wrong. It tasted like angry candy canes that had circled around me and started calling me names while they punched my taste buds. “Hey jerk face! You thought black licorice was mean!? Think again!” Stephanie described the flavor like chewing on a mouthful of pine needles. Stephanie and I gave it a zero, and Aya have it two spoons.


If you like coconut flavored things, you’ll like this. If you hate coconut, like me, you’ll hate this flavor, too. However, when tasting this directly after trying peppermint, this tasted heavenly. This got two spoons across the board.

Crème De Menthe

If you like mint chocolate chip, this would be very similar to that, minus the chocolate chips. After tasting the other two, this tasted by far the best. I’m not a big fan of the mint flavor in ice cream. I feel like someone put a tube of Crest in the freezer and decided to eat it. And then in a desperate fashion to fancy it up, they added chocolate chips to it. I’ll eat it, I just don’t get it. It’s like eating ice cream and brushing your teeth at the same time. Aya gave it 3.5 spoons, while Stephanie and I gave it only 3 plastic spoons.

The quest of trying all 39 flavors is finally coming to an end. Check back next week for the final three flavors.

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