I’ve always had this vision of having my own space in the house. Not a man cave. I’m not into sports or darts or video games. Not a chill zone. I don’t really veg out and watch movies. Not really an office either because I’m not running a business or “working.” I just want a space where I can explore my creativity. It’s more of just a zone. My zone. A place where I can get into the zone and feel the “flow.” You know, when your mind lets go and you’re completely 100 percent in the moment and enjoying what you are doing. When I’m hustling around the house and managing the day-to-day with my kids and their homework, activities, and cooking, I find I rarely, if ever, get into the zone. So I figured for me to get into the zone, I needed to make my own.

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For as long as I can remember, it seems like long Holiday weekends were reserved for doing some sort of house project. Whether it was landscaping, painting the fence, digging a trench, building a deck, tearing down a deck, remodeling a kitchen, or hand scrubbing the aluminum siding, my family always had something going on. It was mostly work at my parent’s house, but also by grandma’s, and my grandpa’s house too. And then as we got older, add in my brother’s house, and now mine. So while most of my friends would be spending this Memorial Day weekend attending the local Polish festival, going to the movies, having family BBQs or attending cool events called Meat Fest, I would be tearing apart my house.