Why do guys have this whole macho thing about carrying a bag? Not backpacks and such, an everyday bag, to hold your things. I’ve seen guys carrying bags before, but it’s usually a large backpack or a messenger bag. Those are the only bags acceptable for men (at least in the American Midwest). But why should we limit our options just to be “masculine” or “macho?”

I’ve been fortunate to travel to Japan several times. A place where men of all types carry a bag. A man’s bag if you will. And they aren’t just backpacks and messenger bags. They are bags of all shapes and sizes. I resisted at first, but I’ve seen the light and am here to plead my case for the benefits of carrying a man bag.

Men usually carry a wallet. A big, fat leather wallet that gets stuffed into your back pocket. It’s loaded with credit cards, membership cards, personal IDs, maybe a few worn family photos, and if you’re lucky, some cash. It’s worn, stretched, and misshapen because it’s conformed to the shape of your butt. And from years of sitting on a wallet you have back problems, crooked vertebrae, and an uneven stride. Not to mention all of your pants have a permanent faded rectangle on your back pocket. Even though this sounds like a fool proof system, it really isn’t. Can you really fit everything you need in a wallet? What about your keys, sunglasses, gum, mints, or a pen? Do you really want to stuff all of that in your pockets? To walk around with misshapen bulges protruding from odd areas of your pants?

There is clearly a need for more portable storage for men. That’s why they invented cargo pants, and the even more fashionable cargo shorts. I think we can do better fellas. We don’t need to look like we are going on a safari to carry a few essential items around. We just need a small, fashionable, practical man bag.

I know what you’re thinking, “Why should I carry a bag for this extra stuff when my wife carries a purse. I can just put my things in her bag.”

Really? Really?! Is this really an option? How masculine is that? You might as well ask, “mommy, can you hold this for me?”

We are men, let’s manage and be the keeper of our own things. And what better way than to carry a man bag. A bag small enough to throw over your shoulder, but large enough to carry some fundamental items.

When I take my kids out, it’s great to have a place for a bottle of water, my glasses, car keys, and even a few snacks. Even if I’m out and about by myself, a man bag has been very convenient. I tell you, the results are freeing! No longer will your pockets be unflatteringly bulging with extras. No longer will you have back problems from sitting on an overfilled wallet. No longer will your spouse be the gatekeeper of your things.

You need a pen? Reach into your own bag and get it.

You need chapstick? Reach into your own bag and get it.

Spill ketch-up on yourself? Reach into your own bag for a Tide-pen. Yes, I have one. Yes, it works, and no, I don’t have ketch-up stains on my clothes.

Open yourself up to a new kind of “macho.” Expand your definition of “masculine.” Carry a bag. Not a purse, not a murse, not a satchel, but a man’s bag.

I come prepared.

I carry a bag.

I am a man.


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  1. So what kind do you recommend? I have had several different brands but can’t seem to settle on one that I actually enjoy carrying all the time.

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