Other than going to Macy Monday’s, I like to frequent the Henry Ford Museum.  Ellie and I were going to meet up with my friend Meggan and her son River.  Meggan and I were both majored in Interior Design in college, both worked our first internship at the same place, stayed in contact as we entered the professional world, and now, we are both stay at home moms.  I mean parents.  Stay at home parents.  We were originally going to meet at the zoo, but due to the intense heat outside, we ended up at the museum for more of an educational mallwalking type journey.

Meggan was running a little late so Ellie and I parked it on a bench just inside the museum while we waited.  What a great spot for people watching!  I lost count of how many old guys I saw wearing shorts and socks pulled up all the way (yes, some were wearing socks and sandals). Many people claim that I have an old soul, so I know I’m destined to sport that style in the future.  I already wear old man sweaters and water the driveway.  Then we saw a guy who looked like he had on printed skin tight pants from a distance.  But when we had got closer, I realized he was wearing shorts and those were tattoos all over his legs.  That’s a lot of ink.

While you’re people watching, do you ever wonder who is watching you?  “Look at that weirdo on the bench with that kid!  What are they doing?”

While we were scoping out other people, Ellie took it upon herself to be the Henry Ford Museum greeter.  Everyone that walked in she waved and said “hello” to.  “Hi, please check out the IMAX features or the informative Civil War exhibit.  Don’t forget to stop at the Weinermobile before you leave!”  When Meggan showed up with River, they got the same warm welcome. “Hi!”

Ellie was fascinated with River.  She is about a year older than him and isn’t used to being the older kid.  While we walked around the museum, Ellie wanted to walk, (and sometimes run) while Riv just sat in the stroller chillin’.  Every once in awhile, Ellie would come over and curiously look in at River and point. “Hey guy, who are you?”  He’d just smile and drool.  At lunch she liked to point and touch his head.  “I used to be bald too!”

While the kids attempted to eat and Ellie flirted with Riv, Meggan and I caught up on the recent happenings in our lives.  At the time she was training for a triathlon.  (She has since successfully completed this.)  Whoa, a triathlon!  A triathlon for me would include all-day TV watching, a lot of pizza, and cupcakes.  So while she was challenging herself and working out, I shared my story of how I’m trying 39 flavors of ice cream and writing about it.  Then we ate cookies.

And just as my little greeter suggested, we stopped by the Weinermobile for a photo shoot before we headed home.  People watching, museum walking, chatting with a good friend, cookies, two babies and a Weinermobile; not a bad way to spend the afternoon.

Now that Meggan has decided to start training for a half marathon, I’m thinking of planning my marathon.  Watching all the Rocky movies in one afternoon.

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