It was your typical Wednesday evening except for the fact that the back of my throat felt a little scratchy. It was nothing to be alarmed about though, it was just a little dry I thought. And then about midnight, Ellie woke up crying really hard with a stuffed up nose and some hard coughing. I sat with her on the chair for a few hours until she drifted off back into a deep sleep and brought her into our bed with us. As she twisted and turned, whimpered and whined for the rest of the night I felt bad because my little girl was without a doubt sick. And then when morning officially came, I was officially sick. The little light scratchy throat was now an intense sore throat. My head was throbbing, my nose was all plugged up, and we both had fevers. Ellie and I were both sick.

Nobody likes to be sick, especially when you can’t breathe out of your nose and you feel like you have abs of steel from coughing so much. Especially for a toddler who can’t blow her nose or hack up the phlegm in the back of her throat yet. But if I was going to be sick, I’m glad Ellie was sick with me. I felt so awful that I had no idea how I’d be able to care for Ellie if she was feeling tip top. That would have been even worse. Probably for the both of us.

So for three days, Ellie and I were pitiful, miserable, and inseparable. When Aya came home from work Thursday evening, she was stunned at the site of our pitifulness. Ellie’s cheeks and nose red and raw from wiping her nose so much. And me, well, just looking more awful than usual.

We had been on the couch literally all day. Other than a few diaper changes and a trip to the kitchen, we didn’t get off the couch. She watched episode after episode of Calliou, Yo Gabba Gabba, and the movie My Neighbor Totoro about 3 times. When she’d fall asleep next to me, I’d watch the X-Files. We slept on the couch for naptime and bedtime. We did this for three days, so literally, we were inseparable. Even when Aya tried to give me relief from an inconsolable crying toddler it didn’t work. Ellie would just cry louder when Aya picked her up and she’d crawl right back on top of me. It was frustrating, but sweet at the same time. Misery does love company I guess.

And during all that time together, it just got me thinking that being sick isn’t all the bad. It can have an upside. I was remembering all those times as a kid when I was home from school sick, and got The Treatment. Special food, an extra treat, extra hugs, more pampering.

Although I hated being sick as a kid, I sure do look back at those memories fondly. And now here I was, on the couch with my daughter. I wasn’t concerned about making dinner, or any other household chores. The only thing I was concerned about was doing whatever it was to help Ellie feel more comfortable.

It was like time stopped. It was just us (and Elmo), the couch, the TV, and lots and lots of cuddles and hugs.

Now, as we are both getting better and back to our own beds and the house is getting back to normal, I find that I miss my sick partner and couch buddy.

Yep, being sick really isn’t all that bad.

But cheers to feeling better!


  1. so sweet & true. <3 but despite it all, goodness i am glad you both are feeling better! those pics are very sweet, yet break my heart at the same time due to how SICK you can really see you both were. cheers to feeling better for sure! somehow, i think you will always have that special bond with Ellie,,, through sickness, health, good times & the bad. 😉 thanks for sharing this cute post Matt 🙂 !

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