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If I could eat only one thing on Thanksgiving it would be the stuffing. In my opinion, it’s by far the best thing on the table. I like it in the bird, out of the bird, leftover, and even cold out of the fridge. It is the BEST!

Part of the appeal is the exclusivity. I literally only have it at Thanksgiving. There is no real reason to make it any other day. It’s really a rare treat. But also, I just love the texture and the taste. Who would have that that sauasge and soggy bread would so fantastic.

While I love stuffing, I’m no connoisseur. I’ve not sampled many recipes. Every year my mom hosts, and every year that’s what I eat. I’m tempted to try some really fancy artful recipe sometime, but all I ever want is the tried and true consistent recipe my mom makes. Why change what isn’t broken? It’s simple and easy and I love it!

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