The recent trend with Ellie and the diaper changing event is that she won’t stay still.  She’ll lie still and quiet while I take the diaper off and wipe up her efforts, but after that, it’s like a pantsless cage match.  I keep mine on.  I think the cool air blowing through her crack makes her start bouncing around like Hulk Hogan.  “Oh yeaaah! Wait until you get into the ring with the Hulkster!”

We always start out on the changing table.  Maybe it’ll be a quick one, I think.  But sure enough, before I can get the new diaper on, she flips over and starts trying to jump off the table.  I try to hold her down but she just keep twisting and flipping like a fish out of water.  So I decide to bring her to the floor, maybe I can tackle her that way.  This for her is an invitation to wrestle.  She tries to flip over and I try to pin her down.  It’s amazing how a ten month old baby is stronger and quicker than I am.  She manages to escape and proceeds to crawl around the room commando and smiling.  She turns around occasionally and gives me a grin that says, “haha!  Try and get me now… You’re no match for me! HAHA!”  I chase her around the room like a farmer chasing a wild chicken.  I try to grab at her feet praying she doesn’t pee on the floor… again.  Finally, I catch her.  I’m able to pin her face down and try to put the diaper on this way.  But she pulls the old flip and kick move.  She’s free again.  She heads for the bookcase and grabs a book.  She seems distracted.  I come up behind her and get the diaper underneath her.  I pull her back towards me and wrap my legs around hers so she can’t kick.  I have one side snapped!  But somehow she wriggles free and escapes!  I need to distract her.  She loves eating her shoes so I put her on her back and give her the shoe.  While holding her down, I change her diaper as quickly as possible.  Yes!  Ding Ding!  Victory!

Now to get her clothes back on.

Round Two… Ding Ding


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