Every couple of months, Aya’s mom sends us a care package that always has a few Japanese books for Ellie. I’m always excited to open the package even though I can’t read anything. I like to look through the books first and try to figure out what they are about. Occasionally, I get it right, but sometimes one comes along that leaves me extremely puzzled. Like when I saw the cover of this book, I wondered, “Is that what I think it is? Nooo, it couldn’t be.” But as I looked further into the book, I just got more confused. Take a look!

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Last week was our town’s art fair and Ellie and I sure did spend our fair share of time there.  We went every day, sometimes even twice.  The weather was great so it was mainly a great excuse to be out and about and feel the excitement in our small little town.  Sometimes we went as a family, sometimes we hung out with friends, sometimes we went solo, and sometimes I went solo.  But on the third day of the art fair, my main goal was to get lunch.  A pulled pork sandwich from this BBQ master guy to be specific.  I had split one with Aya earlier in the week and I wanted more.

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