It’s that time again. To have another magical mythical person/creature come into my kid’s bedroom in the middle of the night. It’s time for the infamous Tooth Fairy to grace us with her presence, again. To sprinkle her tooth glitter and magically collect some teeth. The Tooth Fairy was quite busy over here for a while with Ellie. She’s already lost eight baby teeth. But lately, Chloe has been dropping some teeth. To see Chloe so proud and so excited to have a visit from the Tooth Fairy is just so cute. She even had Ellie help her craft a letter .

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IMG_0510_edit Over the past year, we’ve been searching for the right motivation to get Ellie to actually sit on the toilet instead of being a creepo and watching people on the toilet (i.e. me). So when Aya’s parents sent this book with an accompanying music CD, we were hopeful that this was it!

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This time of year, especially Halloween makes me ache for my childhood. I can remember so vividly how excited I was going to school on Halloween for the costume parade and the classroom Halloween party. But I also couldn’t get home quick enough to prepare for the evening. Halloween was a big deal at our house and all I wanted to do was get home from school and help my dad to be a part of it. So it’s no surprise that my expectations for providing a fun-filled Halloween were high as Ellie was getting older. And with these high expectations, I sometimes forget that Ellie is only three and Chloe’s only one.

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IMG_9772-editAfter a long night with Chloe, to say that I am less than eager to start the day in the morning is an understatement. You know, one of those nights where you pray for morning to arrive just so the night will be over. Those nights are the worst, and the mornings following those nights are equally as terrible. When you finally get your baby to fall asleep at 5:30am and your toddler bursts into your room at 6:30am brighter than sunshine saying, “daddy daddy! It’s morning!!!” the morning is the that last thing I want to see.

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DS_2013_08_15_editDearly Beloved,

We are gathered here to celebrate the wonderful, yet short-lived duration of our dearly departed friend, Naptime.

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