DS_2013_08_15_editDearly Beloved,

We are gathered here to celebrate the wonderful, yet short-lived duration of our dearly departed friend, Naptime.

It’s amazing to think that just three short years ago, you were not a friend to us nor our family. When we held out our hand to welcome you, you would turn away. When we would get down on our knees and beg for you, you still wouldn’t answer our prayers. You would look away with a spiteful smile.

But after some hard work and a heartfelt collaboration you dropped your bullying ways and we became the best of friends.

And before not too long, you came to rely on us just as much as we relied on you (sniff sniff)

You consistently brought comfort, rest, and peace to our home every day. (sniff sniff)

And just as quickly as we all settled into a routine, it was time (sniff sniff) for you to leave us (insert gut wrenching cry)

Good bye my friend. Maybe one day we’ll see each other again. (Maybe when Ellie’s in high school?)

It’s never good bye, it’s only see you later.

I had worked so hard to make naptime a consistent regular thing. But it happened. It was time. We had to say goodbye to naptime. It’s a decision we didn’t take lightly. But the decision has been made and I stand by it.

For the longest time, Ellie’s naptime was becoming a game of Russian Roulette. No matter how much I tried to have a streamlined routine, I could never predict the outcome. Sometimes she’d fall asleep quickly in her bed. Sometimes she’d be in her bed for over an hour only to come downstairs and fall asleep on the couch at 5pm. Other days she just wouldn’t sleep at all and show no signs of being tired. “Sleep? I’m not tired! Sleep is for the weak!”

Our last nap “routine” involved her falling asleep watching a documentary, about coffee of all things. “Coffee show! Let’s watch the coffee show!” That only lasted for so long, and now I know way more about coffee than I ever thought. Did you know a light roasted coffee actually has more caffeine?

And if Ellie wasn’t trouble enough, let’s throw in Chloe into the mix. Sweet sweet mellow Chloe who has no trouble falling asleep, but all the trouble in the world staying asleep. My fragile state of being just couldn’t handle working with so much uncertainty. I really needed to figure out a better solution.

I experimented with naps, no naps, and “quiet” time. All produced different results.

When she did have naps, she woke up crazy cranky. She would only speak in grunts and would whine for the first hour after she woke up. And it made her bedtime routine feel like the shoot out at the O.K. Corral. After an intense battle with many casualties, she’d eventually fall asleep about 11pm or so. You’d think if she fell asleep at 11pm she’d sleep in, right? Nope! It didn’t matter if Ellie fell asleep at 8pm or 11pm, she’d still wake up at the same time in the morning. Early!

So after awhile, skipping her nap seemed to produce better results. She would fall asleep quicker, earlier, and be less problematic at bedtime and wasn’t super cranky. Although many of us know what a toddler with no nap is like in the evening. I’d just have to be careful to not poke the bear after 4:00pm.

So after a trial run, I officially pulled the plug on naptime. My job switched from trying to get her to sleep, to keeping her awake. No Naptime for you!

So long guy! Since you have some free time, come visit Chloe would you? She could really use a friend like you!

NaptimeSee you later friend… (sniff sniff) See you later…

9 thoughts on “REST IN PEACE, NAPTIME

  1. I feel for you, Matty…If my naptime died, I’d probably throw myself into the grave after it! Good luck!

  2. ‘Our last nap “routine” involved her falling asleep watching a documentary, about coffee of all things. “Coffee show! Let’s watch the coffee show!” That only lasted for so long, and now I know way more about coffee than I ever thought. Did you know a light roasted coffee actually has more caffeine?’

    Coffee always puts me to sleep… Coffee documentaries, at least.

    Excellent post – amwesome graphic!. I cannot even imagine handling a toddler & baby w/ no naps. You should be nominated for an award.

    Hang in their, soldier.

  3. I recently experienced an early wake up time ( 5:20 AM !) after she fell asleep at 9:00. ” Ellie, it’s still night time and dark outside,” I said. She said, “It’s blue outside Grandma, it’s morning!” She was looking at the shadow coming in through block out drapes. I needed a nap that day!

  4. Matt, I feel your pain , My daughter NEVER napped. She fell asleep for 10 minutes on the hour or two and that was it, however she went to bed at 7 pm and slept to 7 am. My son following the night schedule but he took a nap for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. We were big on schedule and always went home where ever we were BEFORE 7 pm only because I was afraid if even one day off schedule would end my peace. *lol* kids! gotta luv em!

  5. I love the coffee documentary nap routine. 🙂 We don’t go regular naps here anymore – pretty much for many the reasons that you talked about, but when we do, it’s often due to a show called “How It’s Made.” If Evan’s tired at all, he can’t make it through the show – something about narrator’s voice, I think. The later seasons have a different narrator and he refuses to watch those episodes. 🙂

    1. How It’s Made is the coffee show! Season one, episode 5! We haven’t watched in awhile though. That’s funny Evan doesn’t like the different narrator lol

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