IMG_8785I love nothing more than a random, unexpected, unprompted rock concert put on by the one and only, captivating, charismatic Ellie!

Her free concerts are truly a treat. You never know when they’ll break out, so when they do, I’m all ears.

Ellie will stand up on her little cupcake shaped stool with her guitar around her and neck and say “Hi everyone!” with a big wave followed by, “Stand up!”

She’ll proceed to serenade whoever (and by whomever, I also mean her “friends” and sometimes mine) is in the room with her current tune. This past concert opened with her rendition of You Really Got a Hold On Me by the Beatles.

“I don’t like youuuu, I just luv youuuu… Hole me, hole me, hole meeeee!…”

Sometimes she’ll point her microphone towards the crowd for audience participation. “Now you sing!”

Chloe will just lie there on her playmat in front of her with a look of awe on her face. “Woah, she’s a good singer.”


Not wanting the concert to end, I’ll start shouting out requests.

“MC Hammer!” I’ll shout. (She loves the Here Comes the Hammer song.  Don’t ask how she’s a fan of the Hammer)

But instead of going into her typical “Uh oh, uh oh uh oh uh oh,” like in the Hammer song, she did an unexpected crowd pleasing mash-up.

“MC Hammer had a farm, E-I-E-I-O”

Pure gold! Her rock concerts are truly one of my favorite things.

After her rendition of We Are Young by fun., she ended with a medley of her Japanese songs. She did an encore of the Totoro Theme Song while leaving the stage.

“Thank you Detroit!”

Ellie has left the building.

I’m always left wanting more.

Rock on Ellie! Rock on!


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