2014_02_01Last year about this time I did a vegan week on the blog. We really enjoyed the experience of expanding our food options and incorporating different ingredients into our regular food rotation. Since then, we’ve also been eating a lot less meat and have noticed a substantial improvement in how we feel. And now that we are stuck in the winter abyss of sub zero temperatures and daily snow storms, we wanted to shake things up again and revisit vegan week. But this time we wanted to extend it to a month or two. To kick things off I made beet burgers.

I just dropped spinach from my top three favorite vegetables. It’s not that I don’t like spinach anymore, it’s just not top three material. With that spot open, I’ve been auditioning other vegetables as a replacement and beets have been the front runner. I like beets. I like them a lot. But this recipe was going to determine if I love them.

There is no replacing or comparing a juicy beef burger with a vegetable based burger. They are just too different. But different can be good. My biggest beef (heh heh, get it?) with a vegetable based burger is the texture. They taste great, but about halfway through, I’m sick of the mushy texture. However, since this burger is based with lentils and brown rice, it had a little more to hold on to texture wise. After cooking they also had a slightly crispy outside really enhancing the texture.

I topped these with romaine lettuce, tomato, avocado slices, and a homemade honey mustard dressing. Served with baked sweet potato fries and a salad, and this was one tasty meal!

I also want to give a much deserved congratulations and warm welcome to beets. You made it! You’re in the top three!


This is from Isa Chandra Moskowitz cookbook, Isa Does It.
Everything I’ve made from this book so far has been really great!

This recipe is also posted on her website here: Bistro Beet Burgers

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