It was day one of summer break. Saturday morning. Ellie came to my bedside at 6am fully dressed and said, “Daddy, can I watch a show while I cook breakfast?”

I didn’t really think this was actually going to happen, but I should have known better. The night before, she announced that she would be making breakfast for everyone. She even requested to have a fresh batch of quinoa and seaweed salad in the fridge ready for her to use in the morning. I just kept thinking that she’d forget when morning came. But whenever Ellie sets her mind to something, she does it.

In my sleepy 6am haze of early morning, I told her “no” to watching a show. “How come I can’t watch a show while I cook?  You do it??” she protested.

Ugh, it’s too early for this type of conversation. Isn’t it summer break? Go back to bed! I managed to bargain her down to music instead of a show and sent her to Aya . My logic was that she wasn’t experienced enough in the kitchen yet and needed to fully focus on food prep. An excuse she surprisingly accepted. And then I fell back to sleep.

At 6:45am, Ellie excitedly came back to me and said, “Daddy! I made breakfast it’s time to eat!”

I told her I’d be right there and fell back to sleep, again. And then she came back every ten minutes until I actually got up at 8am. I don’t know why I put it off though. It turns out the girl put together quite the spread!

The spread included a spinach and cheese mini sandwich, seaweed salad with sesame dressing, leftover Japanese pasta with broccoli, chickpea crab tomato and cucumber salad, another side salad with quinoa and chick peas, and two green olives. Wow! She set the table and everything. Aya couldn’t stay for breakfast so she even wrapped her plate with plastic wrap to save for later. Kokomi’s Kitchen (Ellie’s middle name is Kokomi) not only has good food, but good service!

As if that wasn’t enough to do, after breakfast she designed worksheets and began summer school for Chloe. “Daddy! What begins with the letter “E” besides Elephant? That’s too long and I don’t know how to spell it!”

After that they painted a bird house, after that they made birthday cards, after that they organized their room, after that they “helped” me clean. They went from project to project all day until Ellie finally wore herself out around 4pm and crawled into my bed and fell asleep.

This was all on day one of summer break!

It’s going to be a long summer folks. But I could get used to having breakfast at Kokomi’s Kitchen.


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