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When Aya was pregnant with Ellie, she was looking for a good healthy filling breakfast. She never really had much time to spend fussing on breakfast in the morning either. Then we came across a few chocolate breakfast shakes that put oatmeal in a blender with some frozen bananas. Wow, quick, easy, and filling. But we wanted to add some extra “pow” to it. So we added flaxseed meal, chia seeds, and a bunch of other buzzworthy super foods.

This has been our weekday breakfast pretty consistently for the past 7 years. I like that you can do whatever variation you want. Some days I want it fruity, so I leave the chocolate out and throw in some berries. Sometimes I add peanut butter, sometimes I don’t. It’s the best! It is very filling and satisfying too. I’ll drink this and I’m good until lunch. You can chug it at once, or slowly sip on it throughout the morning.

Check out the recipe below!

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