What do you do with 18 people?  Besides eat.  Well, on Saturday we broke into two groups.  The group going to the baseball game, and the group not going to the baseball game.  The Detroit Tigers would be playing the Los Angeles Angels downtown at Comerica Park.  Eleven of us decided to go for the 4:00pm game, and the others were going to go to Green Field Village.  I wasn’t bonkers on watching a baseball game in 90 degree heat, but I really wanted a Ballpark hot dog.  Plus, I go to Green Field Village all the time, so a change of scenery would do me good.  Especially with this group of people.

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We know this crazy group of people from Kentucky that we get together with every year.  We aren’trelated by blood, but we consider them to be family.  We usually take turns with where we go.  One year we go down to Kentucky, and the following year they come up to the mitten.  All together there are 18 people.  And you can imagine with 18 people with ages ranging from 18 months to, well, let’s just say they are grandparents, a lot of shenanigans can go on.  (Last year we all chipped in a couple bucks for a dare for Max to shave his head). But before I get into the details of the weekend extravaganza, let me share some background information so it all makes sense.

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Last week was our town’s art fair and Ellie and I sure did spend our fair share of time there.  We went every day, sometimes even twice.  The weather was great so it was mainly a great excuse to be out and about and feel the excitement in our small little town.  Sometimes we went as a family, sometimes we hung out with friends, sometimes we went solo, and sometimes I went solo.  But on the third day of the art fair, my main goal was to get lunch.  A pulled pork sandwich from this BBQ master guy to be specific.  I had split one with Aya earlier in the week and I wanted more.

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The Wyandotte Street Art Fair is a collection of artists, crafters and food vendors, but to me, it’s a collection of memories. Yes, I’m going there. Cue in the ukulele version of Over the Rainbow as I get schmoopy and reminisce about my old family memories and notice that I’ve been building my own lately.

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Our city had their Fourth of July fireworks celebration last week, and we joined in by watching it from our front porch.  I’m always down for a reason to porch sit and this was perfect.  My folks, my brother and sister-in-law, and my neighbors Joe, Greg, and Linda were all coming over for it.  My mom made brownies and veggie pizza, I made a fruit salad, Joe brought chips, Greg and Linda brought wine, and my bro brought fixin’s to make mint juleps.  What more could you ask for to celebrate the fireworks?

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