We had the baby with no complications and twelve hours later we were back home resting. We were overwhelmed with happiness and awe for our new bundle of joy Chloe. But our family was incomplete. Ellie was at my mom’s house and would be coming home to meet Chloe really soon.

I walked out to greet Ellie in the car when my parents pulled up in the drive-way. I didn’t want her to walk in and see Aya and me all googly-eyed over this new baby after we just shipped her off to grandma’s house. I wanted to properly introduce her to Chloe. Not that I’ve ever done this before and knew how to “properly” introduce a two and half year old to her new baby sister.

Ellie greeted me with a big “Hi daddy!” but I could tell she was a little nervous and antsy. I know I was.

“Are you excited to meet Sister Bear?” I asked.

She responded with a determined, “Yeah, I have a present for Sister Bear!” and handed me a gift bag.

My mom had taken her to the store for Ellie to pick out a gift to give to Chloe and she selected a small teddy bear. She was very eager and focused on giving this to Chloe right away. As I carried her into the house she kept saying, “Sister Bear, present from me!”

Once in the house she walked over to Aya who was holding Chloe and said, “Sister Bear teddy, I got it for you,” and put the teddy right on top of her. Once her mission was complete and the teddy was delivered she went to go play with her toys and ignored all the commotion about the new baby.

Wow, that went well we thought. But it wasn’t until later that things went really well. No seriously, no sarcasm here. It went so much better than we ever could have imagined.

After seeing Chloe being passed around and back and forth between Grandma, Gramps, Aunt Kristen, Uncle Pat, Aya, and me, did Ellie finally want in on the action. “I want to hold sister bear!”

She sat down on the sofa all excited. Once Chloe was placed on her lap, she held her hand, kissed her on the head and said, “I love sister bear!”

And so far, that’s all she’s wanted to do. She doesn’t get jealous when Aya nurses Chloe or when I hold her. If Chloe starts to whine Ellie gets concerned. “Sister Bear okay?”

And if Chloe really starts to cry Ellie puts her hands over her ears and says, “Mama! Daddy! Pick her up! Sister Bear huuungry!”

I couldn’t have imagined things going any better if I tried. I realize this could change at any moment, but right now, I’m just soaking up all the Sister Bear love.


  1. Precious, sweet, and well written. You have raised one smart, sensitive, and secure little girl, there. She’s a reflection of your thoughtfulness towards her feelings. Love it! And congratulations to your entire family and its latest, most precious member! xoxo

    1. Thank you Julia! That means a lot to hear. 🙂 It amazes me how sweet and caring she is for her little sister already. I’m excited to watch their relationship grow 🙂

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