Aya e-mailed me this recipe to make today. I didn’t know what it was supposed to look like, but gave it a go anyways. I did a good job, too! Simple flavors provide big taste. I’m sure you could use chicken instead of pork too.


Pork; 300g of thinly sliced pork for a serving of 3.  Note that Japanese serving sizes are MUCH smaller than American’s.

Japanese cooking wine 1tb
Soy sauce; 1tb
Corn starch; 1tb
Soy sauce; 2tb
Grated ginger; about 2tb
Grated garlic; about 1tb
Canola(or vegetable) oil to saute; 1tb

Marinade the pork in Japanese cooking wine and 1tb soy sauce for maybe 10 minutes or so.

Right before cooking the pork, coat it in corn starch. Just a dusting will do. This will seal in the flavor, and prevent the meat from over cooking. Add oil to pan and cook on medium heat. Once it’s cooked through(make sure not to over cook here as you will be adding my heat later after adding sauce), turn off the heat*, add remaining soy sauce, grated ginger, and garlic. Turn on the heat again to mix it up.

*Optional; you can take the pork out here and wipe off the grease in the pan before proceeding to the next step.

Typically, shredded raw cabbage accompanies this dish but Aya requested me to saute it.

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