I love fish, but I’m not the greatest at cooking it. I tend to over cook it, but this recipe was pretty simple and the pictures from the Japanese website helped guide me. And it turned out great!


Daicon and Fish Donburi (Click here for Japanese version)

Yellowtail; 2 slices per person.
Daicon; 100g
Sesame oil; 1ts
Cabbage(it calls for lettuce, but I’m sure cabbage will work too)
Green onions; enough for garnish
Soy sauce; 1tb
Sugar; 1tb
Japanese cooking wine; 1tb
Mirin; 1tb

Peel the skin off the daicon and slice them about 1/4″ thick.
Thinly slice the cabbage.
Boil the daicon in hot water for a minute or two.
Heat sesame oil in a pan and saute the fish and daicon(both should be browned slightly).
Add in the rest of the ingredients for the sauce at once.
Let it cook until it’s all soaked up(just make sure it doesn’t cook “too” much though…it’ll give it a burnt smell otherwise).

Serve it over rice and shredded cabbage.
Sprinkle some green onions and sesame seeds.

I noticed a lot of dishes call for a side of raw shredded cabbage.  This one including.(well, technically lettuce)  But I lightly sauted it anyway.

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