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I’ve never been a big grill guy. In general, cooking on the grill never really appealed to me to much because I’m not a huge meat eater. Burgers, ribs, wings, they are all good, but definitely meals I’d prefer someone to prepare. With that, we never bought a grill. We were that family. The only people living the suburban dream without a backyard grill. But a few summers ago, my dad was upgrading his grill and I gave me his old one. Great, now I have a grill! I got it just when I started to cook mostly vegetarian meals at home though. Now what? I didn’t want to pass up a free grill, but how much grilled asparagus can a guy make?

Not being familiar with vegetarian grilling I started to do some research and found some great ideas. One that I really liked was to grill salad. Grilled salad? You can do that? You sure can, and it’s fantastic!

The slightly charred leaves adds a bit of sweetness and a nice slight crisp. Lightly top it with this feta caesar dressing and you have a winning BBQ salad.


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