Gimme head with hair
Long beautiful hair
Shining, gleaming,
Streaming, flaxen, waxen…

My friend Amy’s niece was in town from Florida.  She’s just a few weeks younger than Ellie and has hair.  Not just a little bit of hair, CRAZY amounts of hair.  Ellie doesn’t have much which I think is why she loves pulling on other babies’hair.  When she met Zayna, she grabbed her hair.  At the library she grabs all of the other babies’hair.  Now, with a play date with Corryn set up, I knew someone was going to get their hair pulled and it wasn’t going to be Ellie’s.

It was a Monday and Ellie hadn’t had a nap all day.  The longer she goes without a nap, the more hyper she gets.  She doesn’t get too fussy when she’s tired, it’s mainly a slap happy type thing.  So Corryn, Amy, and Amy’s mom came over about 2:00pm for the play date.  This as I understand was to be Corryn’s first official play date one-on-one with another baby.  Ellie has had a few under her belt and is always ready to play whether she’s tired or not.  She was getting antsy not realizing she was meeting a new friend today.  As they started walking up the stairs Ellie let out a squeal of joy, and once they were inside, Ellie reached out with big smiles at her new friend.  “I’m gonna have fun yanking on that long hair.”

Ellie and Corryn went on the floor to start playing, but Ellie went straight for Corryn’s pigtails.  Yoink!  “Hair! Wow… hair.  Maybe one day I’ll have hair.”  Ellie grabs her hair like she was a bald guy trying on a hair piece for the first time.  Corryn wasn’t too impressed with this forward behavior from Ellie and started crying.  “Who is this kid!?  I’m from Florida… be nice!”  As Corryn cried, Ellie squealed in excitement.  It almost seemed as if she was delighted she made Corryn cry, but I’m guessing it’s because she was just too excited for those pigtails.  “HAIR!”

Eventually Corryn warmed up and they started playing at the same time in the same space, but independently of each other.  Every once in a while, Ellie would get a glimpse of that hair and go grabbing for it, though.  There was no escape for Corryn.  I think the only break she had from Ellie grabbing on her was when Ellie was intently eating her cheerios.  When you put cheerios in front of Ellie it’s like time stops.  Her tunnel vision goes up and she grabs as many as she can hold in her hands and shovels it in.  It’s like my wife and I at an all-you-can-eat buffet or at someone’s wedding.

All in all the play date went well and Ellie really seemed to dig her new Florida friend.  But I think Corryn left thinking, “Just wait until that chick gets hair…  just you wait…”


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