2013_01_16My sister-in-law has an aversion to meatloaf. Mainly because of the name. “Meat” and “loaf” are two words that shouldn’t go together in her opinion. It’s a valid argument. But I was convinced she had to like meatloaf. It was just a matter of coming up with a better name. Something that sounded more friendly, more appetizing.

I wondered about meatloaf cupcakes. That sounds better, right? Did something like that already exist? Yes, it does! I was surprised that my Google search produced many results for meatloaf cupcakes, and meatloaf muffins. Some with sweet potato frosting, some with regular mashed potato frosting. Mini muffins, to big muffins. The options were endless!

I decided to use a 6-cupcake pan and did a variation of Alton Brown’s meatloaf recipe. To get my mashed potato swirl, I stuffed the mashed potatoes in a Zip-loc bag, and cut off a of a corner. Then I just swirled it up like it was frosting.

Ellie was so excited for her meatloaf cupcakes. But when she realized they weren’t real cupcakes, she was not so thrilled. And a meat muffin didn’t sound anymore appetizing to my sister-in-law either.


Good Eats Meatloaf

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