I’m trying to tackle as many chores during the week leaving the weekend open for family time. Which is why I’m on board with changing the sheets. I hate changing the sheets and making the bed. It is my number one chore I despise. I’ll happily scrub the toilets or clean the oven over changing the sheets. I’d rather polish the floors using a tooth brush than change the sheets. Just the thought of changing the sheets makes me want to act like Ellie when she’s throwing a tantrum. To just go limp, throw my head back and start whining with my face buried in the floor. I’d rather sleep on a bare mattress than change the sheets. Or on the couch. Or on our hardwood floors.

Sometimes Aya would strip the sheets off the bed to wash them before we left the house for the day. Which meant if we got home late in the evening exhausted, the bed was still there to be made. That was the worst. It’s a Saturday night, and I’m being bullied into changing the sheets when I’m exhausted and just want to collapse. That’s just not fair. I’d try to fall asleep on the bare mattress before she could ask for my help. If I was asleep, I wouldn’t be able to help, right? But can you believe it? She’d kick me off the bed anyways. It really doesn’t even take that long to make the bed. But if it took an hour of me whining to get out of five minutes of putting pillow cases on, that’s time well spent. Changing the pillow cases is worse than the sheets. And worse than that are the pillow case covers. Ugh! They have zippers that get stuck and the cases are too small for the pillow so you have to wrestle with them. Then the pillow looks all lumpy and it feels weird when you go to sleep. I hate it.

But if doing this during the week helps remove some chores for the weekend, I’ll do it. I’ll change the sheets. I might puke beforehand, but I’ll change the sheets. And now I have to change Ellie’s sheets, too! Which is a whole other story. The sheets are just too small for the mattress it’s impossible to get them on. It’s like trying to put a small t-shirt on a dead bear. You can do it, it’s just not very easy. But at least her sheets are smaller, have no pillow cases, and there is usually a VERY good reason her sheets need changing…

3 thoughts on “OH SHEET!

  1. I have ALWAYS said….worst part of having a baby was changing the crib sheet….thats why i have delegated said task to Osman…=)

  2. One more thing. I know the solution. Since the bedding is on the 2nd floor, it’s at a higher elevation, the air is thinner and the barimetric pressure is less up there. The result, the matress expands!!! The sheets do not expand at the same rate as they are of a tighter knit. So, effectively, the sheets are a size 2 and the matress becomes a size 2.3. The solution? Bring the matress and sheets to the 1st floor for at least 3 hours stablize. Fit the sheet to the matress and cart it back to the 2nd floor. Whadayathinkadat?

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