Ellie has never been a good napper. I’ve accepted it. I may whine and complain about it sometimes, but I’ve accepted it. So when the Reverse Tooth Fairy strikes and disrupts her naps, it isn’t that shocking.

One thing Ellie’salways been good at is eating. I can be walking to her from across the room and she’ll have her mouth open waiting for a spoonful of food. Sometimes during snack time, I’ll sit on the couch with a spoonful of yogurt and she’ll walk over to the spoon with her mouth open. She’ll run back and forth from the spoon stopping for a bite. I’ll just sit there. It’s like a reverse airplane situation. Instead of the spoon being the airplane, her mouth is. “Raaawwwwwrrrr… This is Captain Ellie coming in for a food pick, clear the runway! Raaawwwwrrrrr!” However, recently the Reverse Tooth Fairy has been getting bold. She’s ventured beyond using her typical tactics of destroying naps. She’s now messing with her eating habits.

At dinner, she was eating grilled cheese triangles and loving them. But then she started to push them away. What!? You’ve barely eaten, I thought. She didn’t eat that much for breakfast either. As if being controlled by an external force, she proceeded to take the remaining pieces and throw them off the side of the high-chair. Then she covered her eyes to play peek-a-boo. But when she opened her eyes, she said “Uh oh!” Uh oh is right! She never pushes food away unless she’s full. And there was no way she was full. Is she turning into a picky eater? we worried. Aya tried to wrestle in a few more bites of other foods, but it was all over. She was done.

It wasn’t until after dinner did we realize it was the RTF. When I saw her walking around the table gnawing on her arm, I could hear the shrill voice of the Reverse Tooth Fairy cackling in the distance. “HAAHAHAHAA!!!”


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