2013_03_06aWhatever dairy we didn’t consume last week during vegan week, we are definitely making up for it now. Whoa. One and a half cups whole milk, 8 ounces cheese, and 5 tablespoons of butter. Yikes, this was creamy.

This was really really good, but it honestly didn’t remind me of mac and cheese. It reminded me more of a rice casserole dish. You could throw anything in this and it’d taste great. Spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, chicken, whatever.

Also, if you’ve been wanting to try or introduce quinoa to your family but are worried they won’t like it, or will reject it. This would be a great intro. Just about anything is good covered in melted cheese.

I served this with a salad and turkey bacon sandwiches. Aya gave it a thumbs up. Ellie strangely wasn’t into it though. She picked out and ate the spinach, which she normally rejects.


Quinoa Spinach Mac and Cheese


One thought on “Quinoa Spinach Mac and Cheese

  1. This was like a gourmet hippie Rice a Roni. hahaha. You can always substitute the whole milk with soy or unsweetened almond milk, use less cheese and butter and throw in more veggies. Either way, you’re getting a whole lot more nutrition using quinoa than white pasta.

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