Last week ended with me losing my diaper bag that also carried my camera and my prescription sunglasses.  I tried not to let it bother me too much and tried to let it go.  I had enough things going on at home to not let it get me down too long anyways.  This past week was a good week, but a really busy week.  Museums, drywall, grocery shopping, family dinner, cooking, farmer’s market petting farm, running errands, and Japanese school.  I think I tried doing too much this week while keeping our renovation project moving and I think it finally caught up with me.

Our Japanese school adventure was on Friday.  Which needs to be a post on it’s own, maybe even two.  I’m not sure everything we experienced has completely registered with me yet, but I think the post will be called, “Hammers, Frog Hats, and Washing Machines.”  So, look forward to that coming up.

Anyway, Aya was getting her hair colored Friday night, so Ellie and I would be on our own for dinner.  After the stress of Japanese school I was excited to have a daddy daughter date downtown for Wyandotte’s Third Friday with just me and Ellie.  It started out great, until I quickly realized I lost my regular glasses.  Somewhere in between me switching my regular glasses to my sunglasses and back, I had dropped it on the street.  What!?  Could I be that much of an idiot to lose this many things in a weeks’ time?  The answer is yes.  I spent the next hour squinting and retracing my steps at least eight times with no luck.   Luckily I have a grungy back-up pair.

I decided with all this absentmindedness and losing things it was a sign to take a break.  I think I’ve been doing too much with no rest.  No rest on the weekends or during the week.  I’ve been trying to balance everything and my tight rope snapped.  And before I lose something of real value or burn the house down, it’s time to take five.  Or a whole weekend.

The weekend started Friday night with my friend Mike coming down for some much needed emergency porch sittin’.   And then this morning I got to sleep in while Aya made us breakfast.  Now I’m sipping coffee at the local coffee shop writing about my feelings.  I feel more balanced already.  Ooommm.  After tomorrow’s brunch buffet I’m off to see Tree of Life by myself.  I heard it being described as “artful” and  “beautiful.”  Sounds like my kind of movie to see solo.

Instead of Father’s Day, I’m going to make it a Father’s weekend.  I haven’t lost anything yet, and I’ve been chillin’.  So far, so good.

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  1. I need a break, too! You can ask my husband how many times I sent him to the grocery store for emergency cream cheese this week and it turned out to not be an emergency. Not reading recipes carefully + not going over my grocery list carefully + tendency to panic quickly = several wasted trips by the Hubs.

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