One of the main reasons I took a sewing class this year was to be able to make Halloween costumes for my kids. I learned the basics and made a few things, but the time had come for me to stop making place mats for the house and start making costumes.

My mom had made Ellie’s costumes for her first two Halloweens, but now it was my turn. This was also a special year because it would be Ellie’s first time trick-or-treating. Last year we were in Japan for Halloween and the only event they had was a “parade” at a local mall. This consisted of kids dressed up walking around chanting “trick or treat!” There was no candy. No candy!? But this year we would do the old fashion door-to-door trick or treating. I was very excited!

With Ellie almost three, I knew my influence over her costume choice wouldn’t last much longer. Next year for sure she would have a stronger opinion on what she wanted to be. So I figured while I could, let’s choose something fun for me. So I picked a robot. But after reading Ellie the Berenstain Bears Halloween book where sister bear is a ballerina, Ellie seemed to really like the idea of a ballerina (even though she has no idea what a ballerina is). So I suggested that her costume be a robot ballerina. She looked at me blankly at first and then said, “YAY!!! Robot ballerina!”

For Chloe’s I just wanted to make something easy and warm. So a Muno swaddler costume seemed to do the trick. She outgrew her hat before Halloween though. By a lot!

So after learning the hard way that going to JoAnn fabrics on a weekend in the month of October is a bad idea, I successfully completed two Halloween costumes for Ellie and Chloe. (My mom helped with Ellie’s dress, and my dad did the electronics for her control panel, but Chloe’s I did all by myself.)

I celebrated Halloween with Chloe as Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba, and Ellie as a robot ballerina (complete with blinking lights!) Or as I like to call it, the bionic ballerina.

Ellie seemed to enjoy it and her “twick-o-tweets,” and we had a great Halloween despite the cold and rain. Now to start eating the leftover candy!

Happy Halloween!

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