Are you tired of spending money on pretty wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows only to have them torn to shreds?

Are you sick of fighting the crowds and standing in line to purchase these wrapping paper?

Are you bored with the conventional way of wrapping presents?

Do you want to put a little fun into your gift giving celebrations?

Look no further!

It all started when my brother showed up with our gifts wrapped with duct tape bows. The following year he added zip tie bows. From there, well, we didn’t know what our gift was going to be wrapped up in. Would it be just wrapped with random scraps of paper or coupons, or would it be in a finished drywall box?

Sometimes the creative wrapping is just about the look, and sometimes it’s about the challenge of opening it. One year my gift came in a wooden box with a locked door. He gave me the key to unlock it, only it was in a stack of 60 other keys that didn’t work. One year he gave my mom her gift accompanied with a crowbar and a hammer. At least he gives you what you need to open it.

This is mostly his thing, but once in awhile we try to challenge him back. This year my mom knitted his gift shut. She spent 4 hours knitting knowing that he would have to cut it open. That’s how committed we are. I chained his gift shut with a combination lock this year. He had three presents that were clues to get the combination. One of which involved texting the “gatekeeper” for a riddle (shout out to my friend Haniyyah for sitting by her phone all morning waiting for his text!).

Knitted Wrapping Paper

Whether he’s cemented your gift in a bucket, or sealed it in a dryer vent, it has definitely become a highlight of our family’s Christmas celebration.

Here are some photos of some the ways we have wrapped things over the years.

Zip Tie Bow
Chained and Padlocked
Wrapped in a Dryer Vent
Completely Sealed With No Seams in 3D Printed Boxes
Cemented in a Concrete Blocks
Big Foot, Frankenstein, and Dracula Wrapping Paper
Homemade Die Hard Wrapping Paper
Wrapped in the Entire Value Pack Coupon Booklet
Wrapped Inside a Bass Drum
Glued Inside a Cloud of Fiberfill
Wrapped in a Duct, and given with Tin Snips
Wrapped in Spray Foam
Bolted Between Metal Plates
Beautiful Rope Ribbon and Bow
Screwed into a Wooden Box
Vacuum Sealed, Bow and All!
Lego Box!
Riveted Shut!
In a Paint Can, Luckily Not a Used One!
Not Sure What’s Going On Here
The gift wasn’t actually put in the cement. It was used as a fake out. It was decided making someone break apart a cement block on Christmas was just too mean.

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