Always one of the best meals of the year. It’s a tough choice between this and Thanksgiving, but I think I pick Thanksgiving. Aya picks this. Easter dinner is always at my parents house and my mom does 98% of the cooking. I brought coleslaw and my brother brought carrots. My mom did the rest which included: fresh and smoked kielbasa, homemade peirogis (not homemade by her, but some lady named Jenny), ham, ambrosia salad, deviled eggs, sauerkraut, and homemade bread. Ugh, what a meal! So good!

For dessert she always makes a homemade banana lamb cake (it’s shaped like a lamb). And then as a special treat since my dad loves zombies, we made him his own zombie chocolate Easter Bunny. Good times, Happy Easter!


3 thoughts on “2012: Easter Dinner

  1. Mrs d. The cake is beautiful mr . D love the killer bunny you need him in your Halloween display—–bridget

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