As part of our Easter tradition, every year we have an egg cracking competition. The cracked eggs are then used to make deviled eggs for dinner. Last year’s tournament ended with grandma as the reigning champion. But this year Ellie would be eligible for competition, so anything could happen.

The original plan was to have two eggs per person this year and have two leagues. The ‘boys vs. girls’league, and the ‘youth vs. wisdom’league. The champion of each league would have one last battle to determine the grand champion. Not only were we going to have two leagues, but instead of the Elite Eight like last year, we would have nine players. We needed to plan this out and with me not being a sports guy, I consulted my uncle on how to make this bracket work.  Together, we worked it out the night before to include Ellie in the grand event.

But like I said, that was the original plan. But when Aya and I forgot our official competition approved eggs at home, we were forced to go back to our one league tournament. At least I remembered the coleslaw.

My dad and I were the first to the cracking post and CRACK! He won! I was out just like that. All the planning, all the preparation, and just like that, I was eliminated from the tournament.

My brother won against my uncle, and then again against my dad. He would be representing the ‘boys’for the final round. But would he win the title?

Next up was my grandma against Aya and she was anxious to crack. I think her years of experience gave her an edge because before we could blink she had cracked Aya’s egg. CRACK! Would grandma be on the road to victory and claim the title yet again!? Not for long!

My mom beat my sister-in-law and then took grandma out of the game. CRACK! The 2011 Champion was out of the running!

But before my mom would go to finals, she had to take on Ellie.

Because of Ellie’sage and inexperience, she got a pass and was ushered passed the first round and into the semi-finals. So it would be grandmother against granddaughter. Ellie looked confused at first, but excitedly stepped up to the cracking post and aggressively swung. CRACK!

WHOA! My mom takes Ellie out of the game. This grandma was playing to win! Ellie might have been ushered to the semi-finals, but she would not be progressing to the finals.

With two players standing, it was time for the moment of truth. Who would be the 2012 Egg Cracking Champion? Would it be my brother, or my mom?


Showing no sympathy towards her first born child, my mom eliminated my brother from the game and claimed the title!!! The 2012 Egg Cracking Champion was my mom!

The winner got to have their photo taken with the winning prize of scratch off tickets while wearing these goofy bunny sunglasses. (That she had bought thinking it would be funny for the winner to wear…little did she know she would be the one wearing it in the end.)

And that’s the game. We’ll have to wait until next year to see if she hangs on to the title or has to turn it over. HAPPY EASTER!!!


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