It’s amazing what the sun and a little warmth can do to someone.  I’ve been so excited for a little warmth and some sun for a long time now.  We’vehad sunny days this winter, but they were on days when the high was 9.  But yesterday it was sunny AND warm!  Everybody was in a good mood and smiling.  Ellie was even so energetic she didn’t want to nap at all.  I really wanted to go for a walk, outdoors!  But I had to run a few errands so I was postponing a walk until today.  It was supposed to be warmer today anyways.  It was going to be perfect.  Even though I was out and about in the car, it didn’t stop me from enjoying the weather.  There I was, cruisin’with my shades on, a cracked window, and bustin’some AC/DC.  It made me even more excited for my walk today.

Ellie woke up in an exceptionally good mood.  She was doing laps around the house while I was making her breakfast.  She must have known it was walk day.  As I was cooking, I couldn’t help but notice how overcast it was outside.  I thought it was supposed to be warm today?  Well, after checking the weather, it was going to be 50, but overcast with a chance of rain.  Bummer.  I was really really looking forward to this walk.  We were going to go down by the river and scope out the river sitters.  I couldn’t remember the last time we did that!  But with it being overcast, I was unsure.  If it were to rain, I didn’t want to get stuck.

I waited and waited for the sun to peak through.  For a few short moments you could see it behind some light cloud cover, but for the most part, it was hiding.  Who cares, I thought.  Let’s do this.  Instead of heading towards the river, let’s go get donuts!  Not only was I not being too lazy to get donuts, but I was going to walk there.  It’s amazing how the warmer temperatures will motivate someone.

As we were walking towards the bakery, not only was it overcast, but it was a bit breezy, making it feel pretty cold.  Ellie was all bundled up with mittens and a hat, but I on the other hand wasn’t so prepared.  I still pressed on.  Donuts, must get donuts.

I successfully got my donuts, and was really hoping for Ellie to fall asleep on the way home.  She was really excited earlier, to the point of being slap happy tired.  So I knew she needed some rest.  I tried to enjoy the outdoors as we walked home.  The brisk air against my pale face, the splash of my shoes in the melted snow, the crinkle of the paper bag filled with my donuts.  I looked down and could see Ellie’s eyes getting heavy… heavy… heavier… closed.  Yes!  Donuts and a sleeping baby.  Life is good.

When I got home I quietly brought Ellie upstairs, put her in her room and closed the door.  No sun, but I could enjoy my donuts quietly, by myself… without having to share.  But when I came downstairs I saw that the clouds had parted and the sun was shining through.   I could hear George Harrison’s voice in my head “Here comes the sun…”  And then Ellie started to cry.  No walk in the sun, no nap for my baby, and no donuts in peace!  Where was this day heading!?

I thought that after I changed and fed her, we could head back out for a sun filled walk and she would take a nap.  But by the time I got her all situated, the clouds had returned, and they weren’t going anywhere.  A nice sunshine filled walk was just not in the cards for me today.  The only sunshine I’d be seeing today was in the form of jelly filling.

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