I was really disappointed about missing a nice sunshine walk this week.  I knew this warmer weather wasn’t going to last.  The cold was coming back, and it was coming quickly.  It was bright and sunny this morning, but I heard the temperature was falling and the wind was going to pick up.  Figuring this was my only chance for a walk until who knows when, I decided to go for it.  Maybe we’d get stuck in the cold wind, but maybe we’d make it back in time.  It was a risk worth taking.

And it was!  The warm air, the sunshine on my face, the cool breeze.  It was great.  Ellie was all smiles and played peek-a-boo with me, too.  Once we got down by the river, there they were, the car river sitters.  A whole line of them.  It was good to be back.  I found it funny how many of them still had their seatbelts on.  If I was going to sit in a parked car by the river, I’d take my seatbelt off.  Just sayin’.

The walk home was a bit windy, but we made it back before it got too bad.  Ellie fell asleep, and stayed asleep when we got home.  I don’t have any donuts, but in honor of the sun, I think I’ll have an orange instead.

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