Dear Bunnee,

We’vehad a lot of fun together this week from dancing at a BBQ party, to taking our first road trip to visit friends in Kentucky. I’m so grateful that you’ve been a big trooper so far and allowing mama to be herself.(for the most part, at least!) I think you’ve got mama’s sense of rhythm from the way you’ve been dancing around in my belly too! Let’s keep dancing together for a few more months until we get to meet each other, okay?

xoxo Mama

Matt, Ellie, and I visited some family friends in Kentucky over Memorial day weekend to celebrate the oldest kid of the bunch, Whitney, for her high school graduation party. Matt had grown up with the family, and even though I entered into the picture much later they’ve welcomed me with open arms and have made me feel like part of the family too. I absolutely love and adore them. They are all such great people, and we always have a blast with everyone when we get to hang out.

When I first met Abby, she was only 5 and almost a year later, she would be the flower girl at our wedding. Well, little Abby is now finishing up her freshman year of high school.(And not so little anymore either. We kept joking when she would surpass me in height…it didn’t take too long. At least I still have 8 year old Sara.)

All the kids, ranging in ages from 8 to 18 were excited about my pregnancy as if they were welcoming another sibling into their gang. How does that not make you feel special? Max was a little disappointed when he heard that we were having another girl though, because he wanted to “teach him how to fart and eat a ball park hot dog the right way.” We reassured him that he still gets to take on the honor of that very important roll.  They are all such great kids with great heart, and it warms my heart thinking how Ellie and Bunnee will get to be a part of the gang and grow up with them too. What’s wild is that I’ve watched these kids grow up since they were little, and now they get to watch my kids grow up with them! Life is crazy beautiful.

The kids consist of Sara(8), Max(12), Matt(14), Abby(15), and Whitney(18). They are always up for goofy silliness, and I knew I wanted to document some fun with them. I asked them to pretend as if they were pregnant, and show how they would handle it. Well, the pictures below say it all!

Ellie absolutely LOVED spending time with them, and I’m excited to have Bunnee join the crew soon too. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this funness?!

Hot and miserable with back pain.  It was in the high 90s and was indeed hot.

Yes, they are birthing their “babies.”

From left to right; Matt, Max, me, Sara, Abby, and Whitney.

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